Buying Cheap Turf For Your Backyard

There are various options for buying cheap turf in Melbourne. You can choose to have it delivered to your house, which might cost a few extra dollars. Prices of different types of turf will be similar. However, before installing the turf, make sure that the area is level and free of debris and stones. Once the turf is installed, regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the plants. This can be done either by yourself or by hiring a landscaper.

Cost of artificial grass in Melbourne

The cost of installing artificial grass in your backyard can run into the thousands of dollars. Before you have contractors come to your home and lay the fake grass, do your homework to save money. You may be able to install it yourself, but if you don’t have the time, it’s better to hire a professional. During the installation, make sure to compact the base and surface to a maximum of 90%.

The cost of installing artificial grass can vary considerably depending on the area you need covered. You should also factor in the shape of the area. Curved or round borders can increase the cost. The bigger the area, the more material will be needed. For this reason, the higher the cost. If you’d like to install synthetic grass in your yard, spring or summer is a good time to make the investment. Depending on where you’re planning to install it, you should determine the area first before making a final decision.

Maintenance of artificial grass

To maintain your artificial grass, brushing regularly is essential. This prevents the fibers from crushing and eliminates dirt and residues. Cleaning should be done at least twice a month, or weekly if you have pets. Likewise, you should regularly vacuum the grass to avoid dust accumulation. Regular brushing will not take up much time, but it is essential for keeping the surface looking new. Regular brushing is also necessary for preventing the growth of moss and algae, which will lead to premature grooming work.

In addition to routine cleaning, you should avoid placing heavy objects on the artificial grass. These objects can cause a lot of damage, so you need to be very careful when moving heavy items. If you are planning on installing cheap turf in your backyard, avoid putting mirrors or other reflective objects near it. Reflected sunlight can cause the grass to burn. Also, never leave sharp objects or glass on the grass, as they can damage the fibres. Moreover, avoid wearing shoes or other kinds of footwear on the artificial grass as they can cause damage.